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The 3 services

A massage always feels good... but if you had to choose, which one do you prefer?

A massage at the HCWO center, at home or at work?

Centre HCWO - Massages Bruxelles

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Massage at the HCWO center

You don't want to do your massage session at home? 

Come for a massage session in my private practice, you are welcome to the HCWO center (private practice "Lotus") from Monday to Friday by appointment only.

Ideally located at 157, Chaussée de Malines in 1970 Wezembeek-Oppem, our establishment welcomes you in a space dedicated to health and well-being.

Treat yourself to a “ZEN” moment just for you...

Massage a domicile

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Massage at home

You don't want to do your massage session in a private practice at the HCWO center?

Treat yourself to the exclusive experience of a massage at home. Enjoy an exceptional massage, then extend this feeling of relaxation without even leaving your home.

No travel, just total tranquility to soak up the benefits of massage. Treat yourself to the luxury of well-being at home, where every moment counts.

Your massage therapist comes to your home in the surroundings near the HCWO center (further away is also possible depending on availability).


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Massage at work

Do you want to offer corporate massages to your employees?

Discover our massage services at work: at your office or during events.

Easy to perform, this massage of +/- 20 minutes  provides an immediate effect, offering your employees a boost of energy and tonus. 

A quick solution to stimulate the motivation of your team and reinforce the positive image of your company. Offer your employees a wellness break that will have an immediate positive impact.

Your massage therapist comes everywhere with the necessary professional equipment in Brussels and its surroundings (traveling further away throughout Belgium is also possible depending on availabilities).

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