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Would you like to offer a massage as a gift?


Good idea, this gift always pleases everyone! Who wouldn't want to receive a good massage?


You will find all the information below regarding the purchase of the massage voucher. Once the gift has been given, the person who will have the chance to get a massage can contact Go Massage Pro directly to make an appointment on the day and time that best suits them based on availability.


The sooner the massage is booked, the more chance there is of choosing the timing you want to have a massage ( morning, afternoon or evening).


The gift voucher is valid for all of our massages. We will take the time before starting the massage to really target the type of massage that would suit you best and the desired pressure (low - medium or high pressure).


We will also see together if there are specific areas where we need to be careful following an injury, an accident, a particular problem...


Once all the information is known, it will be finally time to enjoy your massage!

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