Massages at home

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Massages at home

Please find below the different types of massages at home & the prices.

Massages by appointment only!

On the day of your appointment, I will normally come a little before the start of the massage session.​

I bring all the necessary material, you just need to prepare 3 large towels. We will discuss together the type of massage you would like to receive and the pressure desired on the day.

Payment can be made in cash, by bank transfer or online payment with QR code.

Your massage remains in the area of well-being and in no case medical, sensual nor sexual.

To contact me, use WhatsApp, the quickest way. Of course you can also call or email me.

Do not hesitate to consult our FAQ for more information.

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Prices for massages at home

60 minutes


Price of the session: €70
Duration of the session: 70 minutes
Massage duration: 60 minutes

90 minutes


Price of the session: €100
Duration of the session: 100 minutes
Massage duration: 90 minutes

Additional transportation costs

There is a 10€ transportation fee if your home is less than 5km from the HCWO center (located in 1970 Wezembeek-Oppem).

  • 15€ for more than 5km from the HCWO center
  • 20€ for more than 10km from the HCWO center
  • 25€ for more than 15km from the HCWO center
  • 30€ for more than 20km from the HCWO center

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Massages at home

Discover the different massages available. The choice of massage type and desired pressure can be discussed on the day of your session.

Massage anti stress

Anti-stress massage

This is the most requested massage. This massage is a combination between deep tissue massage, sports massage & Swedish massage: relaxing, toning and a good pressure. It aims to relax the muscles tensions in depth through an alternation of slow, fast, gentle and firm gestures at the same time.
Massage relax

Relaxing massage

The Californian massage is relaxing and gentle. This massage uses long, slow and fluid movements which allow deep relaxation.
Massage dos et nuque

Back and neck massage

The back, neck and shoulder massage is a massage that helps resolve knots & tensions, reduces stress, promotes blood circulation, helps manage pain and aches and promotes muscle relaxation. It is a massage focused on this area of the body.
Massage sportif

Sports massage

Sports massage is toning. This massage varies depending on the needs of the person coming to be massaged. We mainly target a specific area of the body where the muscles work the most in order to relieve them.
Massage prénatal / postnatal

Prenatal / postnatal massage

Specially designed to support pregnant women from the 4th month of pregnancy, prenatal massage offers a real moment of relaxation and comfort, both for the mother and for the baby.
Massage deep tissue

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is a technique practiced with a certain intensity in order to release the deepest tensions. The movements are performed very slowly and deeply usually with a good pressure.
Massage 3ème âge

Senior massage

At any age, massage has virtues on the body and mind of the person who receives it. The first beneficial effect of massage on an elderly person is relaxation. The massage will help relax the muscles, reduce stiffness and even certain pains linked for example to osteoarthritis.
Massage des pieds/réflexologie plantaire

Foot massage / Plantar reflexology

Foot reflexology helps to release blockages and tensions at the physical, mental and emotional level, and relieves the ailments of daily life: stress, fatigue, back pain, digestive disorders, constipation, sleep disorders, etc. This is in not a medical treatment nor a therapeutical reflexology.
Massage jambes lourdes

Heavy leg massage

The heavy leg massage helps relieve and refine often tired legs. The entire lower part of the body, from the toes to the waist, is massaged with ascending maneuvers intended to restart blood and lymphatic circulation.
massage amma assis

Seated chair massage

The seated massage is done on an ergonomic chair, with clothes on and without oil. The back, neck & shoulders and are the areas mainly massaged and the pressure is adapted according to needs. It is a massage of 30min at the HCWO center (possibility at home for a minimum of 2 x 30min)
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